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Edge player is one of the world's fastest growing music player.

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Edge support

The world's first music player, which can be accessed from the edge of your screen, we were the first people to come up with the idea of having music player at the edge of the screen.

Beautiful Interface

Our music player has one of the best interfaces which has the changing gradient colors.

Tremendous growth

We have one of the best growth in the music players in Android, our quality and support is supported by the rating we have.

Application Features Some striking features

Easy Customisation

Our app provides a huge amount of customization,from changing themes to changing views of the artist and album,we have the most unique way of displaying the artist and album which you can witness in the screenshots.


At most care is taken in making the app, we have reduced the app by large scale and we have a 98% non crash installations.

Feature Packed

Our music player is packed with a lot of features from equalizers to sorting, we have provided all. We have an instant play button in artist,album, playlist, which can be used to play songs at one touch.

Awesome playlists

Awesome looking playlists, adding songs is easy as breathing the air, intelligent playlists which calculate the most played songs with instant play feature.

Why edge music player?

Our vision is to create a simple yet complete music player, We have spent lots of hours in the creative process. We were the first people to come up with this idea and made it free, we always belive it's not the features that will fetch you success, it's the dedication. We have the features and the dedication and continuous support, we promise you we will provide you the best support.